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Pulsar was a brand of the American Hamilton Watch Company, which first came onto the world scene when they announced in 1970 that they would be bringing an LED watch to the market. In 1972, New York, Pulsar unveiled the first all-electronic digital watch this was also the first watch to use a LED digital display.
In 1980 Pulsar became a member of the Seiko Corporation portfolio. This brought the first calculator watch in 1980 and the first all-quartz watch line in 1981.
Since then, Pulsar has continued to produce quality timepieces and has created strong partner ships with various industries becoming the Official Watch Partner for the V8 Supercar series. Pulsar has also teamed up with Jack Perkins and his Jeld-Racing suit. With a specifically designed V8 collection of watches, these exciting partnerships will take Pulsar to a truly national audience.
Pulsar has been designing individualistic timepieces globally since 1972. Pulsar, a brand that stands for real value, quality and flair is made for people who create their own style - 'Tell it your way'.


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