Carola Eckrodt’s passion for design began early, very early. Even as a teenager, the young designer experimented with a wide variety of materials and created earrings. first just for herself but that would soon change.Thanks to many years of experience and an accurate feel for even unusual colour contrasts, Carola Eckrodt time and again creates jewellery pieces that are simultaneously fresh and timeless.

At Coeur De Lion, working by hand plays a significant role in all phases of manufacturing. From sticking, assembling and threading to surface-keying and polishing, our workshop boasts the perfect flair.It is clear to see that careful handwork at every step plays a crucial role in the jewellery from Coeur De Lion. For example here during assem- bly, polishing and inlaying.Drilling, rhodium-plating, alloying, anodising - the list of processing techniques used at Coeur De Lion is long. It includes numerous methods that we have helped to develop or have even initiated. For example, making diamond-polished anodised aluminium usable in the manufacturing of fashion jewellery – incidentally an innovation from Coeur De Lion.

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